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Protocol must be replaced with arrangements Unionists can support | Sir Jeffrey Donaldson MP

The Northern Ireland Protocol has never had the support of Unionists and never will enjoy Unionist support.

It was imposed against the will of unionists, including every Unionist MLA and MP.

This was a mistake with far-reaching consequences. It has undermined all three strands of the Belfast and successor agreements.

Whilst the Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar's, comments are welcome, rather than focus on the past, London, Dublin and Brussels must now redouble their efforts on replacing the Protocol with arrangements that Unionists can support.

We want to see fundamental changes which can command the support of both communities and can provide a stable foundation for devolution to be restored.

Indeed in July 2021, I set out our seven tests as a guide to help Brussels and London understand what is required by Unionists.

It is vital that the mistakes made and imposed on the people of Northern Ireland are not repeated in 2023.

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