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Unionist opposition to the Framework is hardening | Jamie Bryson

The latest polling shows that over 62% of unionists (across all unionist parties) remain steadfast that there should be no return to Stormont until the Protocol Framework is completely removed, even if this means the perm and end of Stormont, should send a clear message to the Government.

We have been repeatedly lectured by the great and the good, including some academics who have told us that unionism actually accept the Framework, with a month of Belfast Agreement propaganda.

There has been stern warnings from Presidents and Prime Ministers, past and present, and resounding cheers in the Whitla Hall of Queen’s as the audience cheered to the rafters every jibe directed at unionists.

We have had the Heaton-Harris and Baker double act - the so-called ‘hardmen’ of Brexit - telling unionism we must compromise, that we must not only accept, but collaborate in the implementation of the subjugation of the Union.

The Centre for the Union called it from the outset; and the unionist position is now hardening. The Windsor Framework does not remove the Protocol, it entrenches it.

Despite all the weeks of propaganda, the unionist position isn’t shifting to one of weak compromise on the Union, but rather to a place of steadfast defiance.

There can never again be power sharing in NI whilst the Acts of Union remain subjugated and in suspension. There is no pathway back, and the DUP’s own base have rightly made that clear, with 79% of DUP supporters making clear there should be no return to Stormont unless the Protocol Framework is completely removed.

The message of strong unionism remains the same: you can have power sharing, or you can have the Protocol, but never both.



One Year On: The Union is Still 'not safe'!

Graveside Memorial on the 25th Anniversary of the Martyrdom of Leading Loyalist – Brigadier William Stephen Wright, December 27th, 2022.

Loyal men and women of Ulster: I bid you a good afternoon, and welcome you, all of you, here to Seagoe Graveyard - all that is who have come together as one in order to pay personal tribute to a man now referred to by many as ‘Ulster’s Braveheart’ – our late and much-loved friend, Billy Wright. Give voice to your support, loyal friends.

They say that retrospect, that is, looking back with the passing of time, is always wise. Today, with the value of 25 years…



Mr J. Bryson, you stated in your May 3rd piece "Unionist opposition to the Framework is hardening" "We have had the Heaton-Harris and Baker double act - the so-called ‘hardmen’ of Brexit - telling unionism we must compromise, that we must not only accept, but collaborate in the implementation of the subjugation of the Union."

My reply: While agreeing with the thrust of your overall piece, Mr Bryson, it made me remember a hard lesson learned by Ulstermen, a lesson that Ulster Politicians and Political Parties never seem to wake up to - the fact that British politicians have seldom desired anything else but compromise from the politicians and political parties voted into office here in Northern Ireland, UK!



A Grassroots look at the Belfast Agreement 25 years on | John Hoey

My Reply: While we are looking at 'Grassroots' views on the Belfast Agreement/Good Friday Agreement 25 years on, Mr Hoey - let me take this opportunity to make MY 'grassroots' views on that despicable and devious Agreement which the imported 'great and good', joining with local political fools and incompetents have been sycophantically lauding and applauding on our television and radio media over the past month.

The one aspect missing from the past month's festival of political deception - has been any hint of anti-GFA opinion, view, or opposition. So, here goes, Sir.

First of all let me openly and forthrightly ask YOU the question that…


watchman696 a day ago

2/5/23 No Place in this Coronation for Bible-believing Protestants! Surely NO DUP politician, or professing Bible-believing Christian, is contemplating, not even for a moment, having ANYTHING to do with, or ATTENDING this planned BLASPHEMOUS CORONATION; this coven-gathering of Christ-haters, and Christian-despising religious swarming? Is that Bloody Mary's crown I see being worn by that woman? Who torched the Protestant martyrs in 1555? No apologies from Rome on that atrocity. May the Lord God judge all sycophants that attend such a Christ-dishonouring ceremony! One King, and His Name Jesus! No Pope Here! "Come out from among them, and touch not the unclean thing!" (2 Corinthians 6:14-18) Thank you for your time and patience. Dr C.K. McClinton Ulster Christians Email:


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