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"What a Shambles" | Mark Francois MP

It seems Ben Wallace was wrong, we are like Amazon after all.

If the Whips don’t like independent-minded MPs on a Committee, they just order up some other ones instead.

And all for a Windsor Framework, which has completely failed to get the DUP back into Stormont anyway.

What a shambles!


Maurice brogan
Maurice brogan
Jul 18, 2023

Just a thought but instead of complaining how's about you put forward a credible solution.

Maurice brogan
Maurice brogan
Aug 29, 2023
Replying to

Where are you placing this digital border. Will it be a sea border in which case How's it different to current proposals. Some checks will still be needed if it's to be on the North south border how will that be controlled and implemented. If digital borders for goods were a feasible they would be in operation. Especially in countries with more limited crossing points.


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