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Strengthening the Union with UK-US Relations | Ian Paisley MP

Today in Westminster Hall, I attended the Transatlantic capital to capital exchange where 26 members of Congress, including the House Majority Leader The Hon. Steve Scalise, all spoke.

I was the sole Northern Ireland representative at this incredibly important engagement, he made a keynote speech on Northern Ireland and its part in the special relationship with the USA.

I would very much like to reflect upon the significant level of trade that already exists between NI and the USA, that only through our relationship as part of the union can this be strengthened and expanded.

Our university exchange programme where we share learning and expertise between US and UK students, the fact that half of all foreign direct investment in NI is from US-based companies and that the 200 US companies already invested in NI re-invest and continue to grow.

The United States after our home market, is Northern Ireland's largest export market, with an estimated 330,000 North American tourists visiting Ulster each year, all of this orders well for the future.

After meeting Mr Paisley, contrary to the propaganda from Irish republicans, Americans understand the concept of "no taxation without representation" and understand objections to the unelected European Union having a say in trade and other matters which impact Northern Ireland without any democratic accountability.

They understand too that Northern Ireland's economic success is built upon the reality of being part of the fifth largest economy in the world that already has an established trade relationship with the USA and accept that the promoters of a United Ireland are engaged in fantasy politics.

The special relationship with the USA embraces all parts of the United Kingdom, especially Northern Ireland!

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