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Breaking the Deadlock - A Constitutional Update

Centre for the Union- Breaking the deadlock 16 January 24
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The Centre for the Union legal working group has continued working, building on our previous reports and publications, alongside our Parliamentary Chairman Ian Paisley MP and other elected representatives and Peers to explore potential solutions and monitor the continuing negative impact of the Protocol and Windsor Framework.

This briefing note is published to offer some commentary in relation to matters of some importance which presently feature heavily within public discourse.

We reiterate that we are an independent think-tank. This note, produced by our

working group, has been approved for publication by our board and Parliamentary Chairman. It will, we hope, play an important role in enhancing the public debate on the issues covered.



All genuine Unionists, please take note: This is what happens under EU Laws! Stand fast!

Daily Express Alert to EU Dictatorship!

Brexit vindicated: EU 'declares economic war' on Hungary in new assault on democracy

Story by David Maddox  
Britain's decision to leave the European Union (EU) has been further "vindicated", according to a senior Brexiteer, after it emerged last night that Brussels officials led by Ursula von der Leyen are planning yet another assault on democracy on the continent.
The Financial Times revealed that the European Commission has drawn up a plan to sabotage Hungary's economy if Viktor Orbán blocks a 50 billion euro aid package to Ukraine this week.
A secret internal document lays out Budapest's economic weaknesses…



CFU states: "The central test for unionism is whether equal citizenship within the United Kingdom is restored, and this is to be measured by whether Northern Ireland citizens are equal (no better nor worse) in terms of rights as the rest of the UK, and- crucially- whether the constitutional guarantee set forth by Article 6 of the Acts of Union 1800, namely equal footing in matters of treaties and trade, is restored to pre-Protocol status."

My Comment: While I fully agree with the spirit of the above CFU statement, I must of course, go further and declare that Northern Ireland, and each of us as subject citizens, have not enjoyed the 'equal citizenship within the United Kingdom...' mentioned -…


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