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Focus on substance rather than speculation | Ian Paisley MP

Kite-flying, wishful thinking by commentators and background briefing will not make the substantive changes needed to satisfy our seven tests and restore devolution.

Over eighteen months ago we outlined the parameters for the way forward.

We set our tests and those continue to be our yardstick for measuring any deal between the EU and UK.

The message has landed in Brussels and London that there will be no restoration of the Northern Ireland Executive until the Protocol is replaced with arrangements that unionists can support.

It was a mistake to press ahead and ignore the opposition of unionists in 2020. That has been recognised in London, Dublin, Brussels and Washington, they should not make the same mistake twice.

So let’s focus on the prize of a solution instead of the speculation.

The Protocol must be replaced by arrangements that restore Northern Ireland’s place in the UK internal market and our constitutional position must be respected.

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