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Leo Varadkar's Brexit confession | Ian Paisley MP

So Dublin’s Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has finally admitted that mistakes were made with Brexit negotiations and that the protocol is too strict!

It’s taken over two years of pain and economic hardship for Northern Ireland

and millions of business support and now double VAT charges for one of the culprits who pushed for a hard protocol to finally admit it is too strict and changes are required.

Yet in the past month, Europe was saying it had conceded enough with generous grace periods and that no further concessions are required.

We have had a chorus of criticism from the UK government condemning the DUP for refusing to establish an executive when It now appears obvious to all that it has been the DUPs hard line of putting it to the government, its either power-sharing or the protocol but both can’t exist together.

Now let’s test the bona fides of Leo Varadkar’s comments and see if Europe will concede necessary reform! His Majesty's Government has the power now to move and maximise the benefit for the UK by pressing on with the protocol bill without delay.

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