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Resolve the Protocol or there is no basis for devolution | Emma Little-Pengelly MLA

No Executive in the Northern Ireland Assembly has been formed because the Northern Ireland Protocol does not and will not have the support of Unionists.

It is a matter for the Secretary of State whether an election is called.

Devolution in Northern Ireland can only function when it has the support of all communities.

There is a growing acceptance of the problems caused by the Protocol and there is growing support for our position.

The Secretary of State knows the key to unlocking progress is to deal with the Protocol, to respect our constitutional position and restore Northern Ireland’s place within the UK internal market.

That not only restores the foundation for devolution but also makes good on the UK Government’s own promise made three years ago within the New Decade, New Approach Agreement.

These issues cannot be dodged.

Either the problems created by the Protocol are resolved or the basis for the restoration of power-sharing will not exist.

The Protocol must be replaced with arrangements that unionists can support.

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