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The Stormont Brake Briefing

Stormont Brake Regulations- Centre for the Union briefing note
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This briefing note provides a concise overview of what has become commonly known as the ‘Stormont Brake’, which has (subject to Parliamentary approval) taken form in domestic law by virtue of The Windsor Framework (Democratic Scrutiny) Regulations 2023 (‘the 2023 Regulations’).

In terms of structure, this note sets out a brief background to the legislative means by which the Regulations have been laid and highlights some potential problems in that regard as to whether they are even lawful. Thereafter, the four parts of the Regulations are considered in turn. Finally, in conclusion, a view is taken as to the approach unionism should adopt in relation to these Regulations.

This is a concise note produced on behalf of the Centre for the Union, NI Department. It is intended to provide a broad overview. There is much more work to be done and the Centre for the Union working group will be engaged in producing a more detailed analysis in the coming days/weeks.



The ERG Response to the Windsor Framework Concludes: “The Star Chamber’s principal findings are:

1. That EU law will still be supreme in Northern Ireland;

2. The rights of its people under the 1800 Act of Union are not restored;

3. the ‘green lane’ is not really a ‘green lane’ at all;

4. the Stormont Brake is practically useless and;

5. the framework itself, has no exit, other than through a highly complex legal process.”

Now, please tell this logical-minded Ulster citizen: What mind-boggling British Government inducement offered to Northern Ireland Unionists; Protestants, or Loyalists, might blind their eyes and dull their minds to these clear conclusions from sagacious life-long politicians and lawyers of the ERG?

This Windsor Framework…



My Comment to John Hoey's Statement on CFTU yesterday:

20/3/23John Hoey states: "Can it be right to knowingly accept circumstances which would cast oneself, one's fellow citizens, and future generations into perpetual disempowerment and second class status?" This is what the Windsor Framework intends to do. This latest re-implementation of the EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement's “Protocol on Ireland and Northern Ireland” (the Protocol), seeks to place me and my fellow Northern Ireland British citizens in a permanently disadvantaged place within our nation. Discriminated against for no other reason than living in Northern Ireland."

My reply: Excellent and most relevant questions to ask, Sir! Well said!

Many PUL citizens (voting citizens) in Northern Ireland, UK today, believe that we are…


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