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Unionists want a fair deal | Sir Jeffrey Donaldson MP

The ball is in the Government’s court. The DUP has a mandate to restore the Northern Ireland Assembly on a basis that unionists as well as nationalists can support.

Consensus is the only way forward in Northern Ireland.

Unionists just want a fair deal. Nationalists would never have been asked to accept the kind of arrangements North-South that unionists are being asked to accept between one part of the UK and another.

The Government committed to taking action to restore our place in the UK internal market but whilst statements and headlines have been in plentiful supply, there has been a lack of meaningful action.

We need stable and sustainable devolved government and we need funding for our public services that meet the needs of our people.

Northern Ireland is a divided society. Quick fixes without solid foundations will do a disservice to those trying to make the NI Assembly work.

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