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Vote splintering weakens Unionism | Gavin Robinson MP

At the last election some people argued that you can’t split the vote in a Proportional Representation election, they were left red faced however when the results were declared as their theory was proved wrong in practice.

North Antrim was the clearest example of a constituency where too many Unionist candidates led to a splintering of the vote and enabled a non-Unionist to be elected ahead of a fourth Unionist.

I want to see as many unionists as possible returned to council chambers across Northern Ireland. Particularly in Belfast and the West, Sinn Fein has driven an anti-British policy through our Councils. Elections are the time send a message that you want to restore the balance.

This election is an opportunity to elect a strong Unionist team in each Council to stand up for those of us who want to see Northern Ireland prosper. People therefore must first and foremost be registered and then ensure they maximise the strength of their vote.

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