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Windsor Framework Legal Advice

Centre for Union report and legal opinion
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The Centre for the Union are proud to publish independent legal advice on the 'Windsor Framework' from former Northern Ireland Attorney General, John Larkin KC as well as our own summary and a foreword from our Parliamentary Chairman, Ian Paisley MP.

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On the Subject of the 'Windsor Framework' and especially how it, and it's predecessor, the Northern Ireland Protocol (NIP), succeeded somehow to 'disapply' Article 6 of the Acts of Union - close look at new legislation suggested by Suella Braverman KC MP on the mounting problem of Immigration.

On the subject of the Windsor Framework and especially how it, and it's predecessor, the Northern Ireland Protocol (NIP), succeeded somehow to 'disapply' Article 6 of the Acts of Union - I wonder has the CFTU Think Tank realised that the recent legislative suggestions from Suella Braverman KC MP on the current immigration problem, if implemented, could make a mockery of the Windsor Framework, by applying a complete legal ban …

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EU chief privately admits to MEPs that Sunak’s Brexit deal fails to ‘take back control’

March 6, 2023 by Save Britain

According to a leaked recording, the EU’s top negotiator, Maros Sefcovic, does not believe Rishi Sunak’s Northern Ireland deal gives Britain full control. Despite what the British Prime Minister says, Mr Sefcovic told the European Parliament’s Brexit committee that the European Court still rules over Northern Ireland. He insisted that the Windsor Agreement would not give the UK complete sovereignty over Northern Ireland. This appears to be a repeat of Boris Johnson’s remarks, after the former Prime Minister stated that the deal was dead “It’s not about the UK regaining control because Brexit “won’t be” over. Mr Sunak has claimed…

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Centre for the Union Parliamentary Chairman, Ian Paisley MP states: "The report concludes that further concessions or “components” must be “bolted onto” the framework and it will be for unionists to determine what those concessions should be but until then, the Windsor Framework cannot be supported by unionists as a solution to the protocol."

My reply: I fully agree, and here are my own personal (Protestant, Unionist & Loyalist) PUL suggestions for such absolutely necessary 'bolt ons':

Vital Bolt Ons:

1. Full application (restoration) of Article 6 of the Acts of Union (1880). The Windsor Framework cannot be even seriously considered for Unionist, Protestant, or Loyalist acceptance without this vital Article being applied, because without the full Acts o…

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documents cannot be downloaded

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01 mar 2023

Sunak must be stopped from ever inflicting this on Northern Ireland he must go and Labour kept away from Government

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